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Fariba Nejat is a leading Iranian-American community organizer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, teacher, and portrait painter. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physics from the Shahid Beheshti University (formerly Meli University) in Iran, B.S. in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from the National University in San Jose, California. Before assuming leadership roles with various not-for-profit organizations and in the community, she worked as a technology leader in Silicon Valley, California, and also volunteered with Santa Clara Valley charities.

She was featured as “one of the six women who changed the face of Silicon Valley” by the San Jose Mercury News in 2004. She has also produced a number of award-winning artistic paintings and sculptures. For example, one of her paintings, “Beaded Veils from the Gulf,” was prominently-displayed in the Capitol Building in Sacramento as an example of [why?]. Her artwork has culminated in a manifestation titled “Faces in the Crowd” which displays her love for art and people. Of particular achievement in this regard is her work on the portrait painting of Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, which included a message of peace by one of the greatest Iranian poets, Sa’di.



Haleh’s unique experiences and life philosophy influence her paintings and photography. Her art is colorful, playful, optimistic and up lifting. She was born in Tehran and moved to US at the age of fourteen to attend boarding school. Since she became independent in an early age art became a means of self expression for her.

Haleh obtained her computer science degree from University of California at Berkeley and led a successful career in the Silicon Valley as an engineer, architect and executive in small and fortune 500 companies. She received the “Silicon Valley Women Executive Award” for her achievements while she was at IBM. Haleh retired from engineering three years ago to pursue her passion for art on a full time basis and to focus on her philanthropy. She enjoys traveling and has visited many countries across the world.

“My exploration of art started at an early age and evolved as I traveled the world and experienced different cultures. Each of my imaginary paintings is a discovery that comes to life through use of rich layers of colors, texture and blurring. I get lost in that world until I reach a destination. My style is contemporary, a bridge between abstract and Impressionism.”You can follow Haleh’s work on facebook or Instagram:




Ardeshir, an Iranian-American Cosmetic Dentist (since 1988), Philanthropist, Musician, Sailer, Skier and painter. He holds a B.S. degree in Bio Chemistry and Art from U.C. Santa Cruz. He came to USA in 1976.

“There must be no preconceived idea and each of my paintings is an adventure. When I start to create my forms and shapes of nature, I never know how it will come out. Some times this is the risk that I must take. I almost never visualize a picture in my mind before starting to paint. I do believe that a piece is finished only after one has completely expressed the idea that was there at the start.

Nature, in combination with tattooed experiences of my past is the main source of my “Spontaneous Expressionism”.

To see through my paintings requires one’s own effort, as it requires my effort to create a painting. There is no recipe for beauty.”


Graphic Designer & Art Director

Nazli Rezaei, is an Iranian-American Freelance Graphic Designer who was founded her Studio in 2005 NAPHIC DESIGNS. Nazli graduated with Graphic Design degree from ALZHRAH (FRAH) University of Tehran, with Computer Graphic degree from School of Art Chalmers of U.K and with Digital Media & Production degree from West Valley College U.S.A.

Her design history began in Persia, Iran, the country of beauty and color. She combined modern and traditional themes in her unique style. Her works incorporate modern concepts that blend traditional patterns, colors and cultures, making her designs distinct and unique.

After Nazli moved to the United States she started her work as executive Graphic Designer in the Graphic department of WEST VALLEY COLLEGE. She also worked as a freelance designer, working with the American and Iranian communities.

Meanwhile her moving to Europe gave her deep perspective of European art and culture.

Her art projects and designs are still Iranian symbols that have broken geography and political borders.

Her design influences include Morteza MomayezA, Aydin Aghdashloo, Bijan Jenab and Abbas Kiarostami.



Afsaneh Shakoori Naderi has been putting her creative genius to use in the beautiful arrangements of sofreh aghd (traditional symbolic spread at Persian wedding ceremonies) and haft-seen (traditional table-top arrangement for Persian New Year) for over twenty years.  She first started following her passion of assembling traditional spreads by assisting family and friends, and then with so many witnessing her elaborate and unique spreads and requesting her services, she began to expand this creativity into a business.  When Afsaneh is not using her talents for sofreh aghd or haft-seen, she is an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay.  Beauty surrounds Afsaneh in everything she does and she truly has an eye for it.



A certified Interior Designer with over 18 years of experience, Lili works with her clients to realize their vision.  Passionate, knowledgable and skilled in planning, weddings and floral arrangement, Lili creates one-of-a-kind designs to reflect the uniqueness of the clients she works with.



Andy Nguyen was born in Vietnam and raised in San Jose. Currently, he is enrolled at San Jose State University as a BFA student majoring in Art and Photography and Minor in Art of Education. Nguyen creates photograph, which reflect and communicate the landscapes, nature and lifestyle of people living in America from different communities. Nguyen is passionate about this subject because he captured the beauty of cultural dance in our community. He wish to capture the essence of the subject’s personality and the unique lifestyle that forms the individual beauty of the person being photographed. A multicultural society would encompass people from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures living and working together. Nguyen have been exploring the ideas of cultural leveling; beliefs of one culture are spread around to others for our next generation. Visitors can experience lifestyles on different ethnicities in our community. They can sample traditional dance in each season from different countries such as India, Iran, Mexico and Vietnam. Photography is Nguyen passion and his eyes are viewing the uniqueness from many countries and all of its diverse people.

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Atoosa Maleki was born in Tehran-Iran. She got her B.S. in Polymer Engineering in Tehran and continued her study in Oslo-Norway. After earning her PhD in Polymer Chemistry, and working as a research scientist at the University of Oslo, she decided to pursue her childhood dream. Following her passion for painting, she enrolled in the undergraduate Painting/Drawing program at California College of the Arts (CCA). Atoosa moved from Norway to the U.S. in 2013 to start her study at CCA and she graduated in May 2016. She lives in CA now and the most refreshing and delightful part of her life is filled with painting, art, teaching, and research.




Banafsheh (Bana) Nemati, graduated from California state university long beach in field of civil engineering. She is also a professional engineer in state of California. She has more than 24 years’ work experience both in public and private sector. She loves art and believes that all Persian people are artist.
As a woman she loves to shop! her collection is a small sample of Persian arts from all corners of Iran.
Mrs. Nemati is also the designer of a new jewelry “Cleavator” . This is a first jewelry that is ever designed for cleavage control. The website is 
She believes art can be used as therapy for one’s mind and soul.
 “This year I will bring a unique variety of art works from Iran. The selection includes Persian tapestry “termeh”, beautiful handmade table covers in exotic colors from “Sistan” and “Balochestan”, handmade jewelry including rings, necklace in traditional designs. Beautiful leather bag from holly city of “Mashad”, Copper tray from “Isfahan”. Handmade “Torkaman” cushions with colorful beads and much more. All these unique pieces represent different arts from all corners of Iran. “


Book 1 – “Rostam: Tales of the Shahnameh” introduces us to the story of Rostam & Sohrab – the most famous of all Shahnameh stories. It starts with Rostam meeting Princess Tahmineh in Turan (Iran’s fiercely independent neighbor Kingdom) and ends with Rostam facing one of his most difficult challenges – his own son Sohrab!
Book 2 – “Rostam: Return of the King” is a prequel to the Rostam & Sohrab story, which tells us how The King (Kai-Kavous) meets and falls in love with Princess Soodabeh in Hamavaran, and subsequently gets himself captured and thrown into a dungeon. Yet again, Rostam has to step in and defeat his country’s enemies and he manages to save the throne from being usurped by Afrasiab.
Book 3 – “Rostam: Battle with the Deevs” continues with the story immediately after Sohrab’s death in Book 1. After giving Sohrab an honorable burial, Rotsam is forced to battle his own internal demons as well as the red and ultimately the great White Deev! Rostam seeks forgiveness for his sins and ultimately finds peace by taking Siavash under his wing.
Book 4 – “Rostam: Search for the King” The story begins by chronicling the story of Zal & Rudabeh, the birth of their son Rostam and the Simurgh. It continues with Sam meeting Rostam and ends with the story of Rotsam and Zal’s joint quest to find the King to succeed Kai-Kobad (after his death at the hands of a young Afrasiab).
Bio of Creators:
While growing up in Iran creators Jamshid DouraghyCameron Douraghy and Bruce Bahmani were avid comic book readers. From this they learned the power of this genre in teaching youth through the graphic novel format. 30 years later they got together to create the worlds first comic book adapted from Ferdowsi’s Shahaneh. Targeting our youth growing up in diaspora, this is often the first exposure they have with medieval Persian literature. Winner of the International Golden Lioness award and featured on PBS, Frontline, The BBC and Voice of America: Rostam is quickly becoming mainstream and gaining a following outside of our community.



 John  is doing Portrait for 35 years. His mentor, Lee Tacang, taught drawing at Foothill and De Anza colleges for 33 years. John’s goal in a portrait is to catch the essence of the person more than simply a lightness. He likes the term amatuer  which indicates a love for what you are doing. if people ask him ” is this your profession?” He responds the word is passion more than profession.